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Linux Hosting

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Linux Option
The second version is Linux. Linux is actually a common name for a variety of operating systems. Linux was, and is, developed by a community of individuals which come together to commonly write the main part of Linux. After this main part is developed, and continually refined, additional parts are added to the program to customize it for whatever purposes the end user wants. A variety of companies market Linux and you might have heard of a few: Red Hat, Debian, Slackware, etc. Linux is good in that it is compatible with the popular programming language PHP. It is also favored by some web hosters in that in general it has a good security record and tends on average to be a stable operating system. Linux software is free - note this is no longer true for Red Hat Enterprise versions. Linux is still free in other distributions such as Fredora and Debian.

Linux additional software is generally free or low cost; APF Firewall, Apache, Sendmail, BIND and much more. We recommend you use a virus scanner such as Clam or F-Prot and MailScanner. Linux servers are very hard to administer compared to Windows. Everything is done through remote shell access (like Dos, remember Dos!). There are no pretty interfaces or buttons to click on - just a huge amount of commands. Although with all this console power you have much more control of your actual server compared to Windows.

Linux Hosting Benefits

- PHP and MySQL Support
- Apache Web Server
- Mod Rewrite Support
- Chmod file permissions